About us

UNIVERSAL EDUCATION FOUNDATION is a non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit organization.

The purpose of the foundation is to provide living conditions for children around the world. This is possible only if we are involved together and work together to provide everything possible for children.

Children around the world deserve to live in a safe and adequate environment with family and material support. We can only achieve these goals together, united in a common front in order to help any social case encountered and to solve any critical situation around the world.

We are prepared and organized to intervene in any emergency situation, to fight for the rights of children around the world and to offer help of any kind when necessary.

Our organization includes complete donation programs for any type of assistance needed, from material support to complex projects with an effect on culture, education and many other directions.

How we get involved in problematic situations in the lives of children around the world:

  • We organize information events;
  • We start construction projects for education and health;
  • We organize fundraising events for children;
  • We give material aid to needy families;
  • We collect and organize humanitarian aid;
  • We present social cases in the media for solving;