The foundation went to Africa

In order to get involved in aid and education projects all over the world, our foundation team traveled to Africa. There I concretely understood what the need for help, financing, education and respect for human rights means.
The diversity of ways in which we can help is immense! Starting from the support offered to organizations for the protection of the environment and animals to education centers and the defense of the rights of institutionalized juvenile delinquents.


Here the need for help and affection is everywhere. We are talking about disadvantaged areas, animals on the verge of extinction due to poaching or environmental destruction, we are talking about children who do not have access to proper education, we are talking about violated or ignored fundamental rights.

In future projects, we will involve UNIVERSAL EDUCATION FOUNDATION in the tumultuous life of Africa. We have established bonds of friendship with local organizations, institutions and local administrations and we hope that things will go well and quickly to be able to start the necessary projects.

Humanity is at an impasse generated by the current political and economic situation. It is time to return to the universal characteristics of humanity: empathy, mercy, compassion and respect for everything that surrounds us.
We will only be able to evolve if we are interested in what is around us and get involved in the problems of those who request help. This is possible through education, by respecting human rights, by protecting nature and the environment. It is time for humanity to look with interest at the problems of the planet and not at commercial aspects.
We are embarking on a difficult road, but we are sure that we will succeed!

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